List Of Surahs For Kids To Memorize |List Of Surahs For Children

Presenting here List Of Surahs For Children  to memorize. This List Of Surahs For Kids To Memorize  is easy .

1.Ad-Duhaa (93), the Morning Brightness

2. Alm-Nashrah (94), the Expansion

3. Al-‘Asr (103), the Declining Day

4. Al-Fil (105), the Elephant

5. Quraysh (106), Quraysh

6. Al-Ma’oun (107), the Small Kindness

7. Al-Kawthar (108), the Abundant Good

8. Al-Kafirun (109), the Disbelievers

9. Al-Nasr (110), the Help

10. Al-Ikhlas (112), the Sincerity

11. Al-Falaq (113), the Daybreak

12. Al-Nas (114), Mankind

13. Al-Qadr (97), Power/Fate

Why The List Of Surahs For Kids To Memorize Is Important?

Memorizing Surahs from the Quran is important for children because it is a form of worship that can help them build a closer relationship with Allah. It also strengthens their faith and can help increase their focus and memory. Reciting Quranic verses during prayer or for divine guidance becomes easier when they have memorized them. The act of memorizing starts with repetition, which helps to improve their memory and cognitive abilities as well.

There are some surahs in the Holy Quran, which are important to memorize. These important surahs include Surah Al-Fatiha, Surat Al-Kahf, Surah Al-Mulk, Surah Al-Kafirun, The Three Quls, and Ayat Al-Kursi. Each of these surahs has its own significance and benefits. For example, Surah Al-Fatiha is the beginning of the Holy Quran and is recited numerous times by Muslims. Surat Al-Kahf is one of the best surahs, which is the Sunnah, as Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to recite it on Friday. Whosoever reads and memorizes the first ten verses will be protected from the fitnah of Dajjal.

In summary, memorizing surahs from the Quran is important for children because it helps them build a closer relationship with Allah, strengthens their faith, improves their focus and memory, and provides them with divine guidance and protection. It is a blessing for those who read and memorize it completely.

Appropriate Age For A Child To Learn Memorizing Quran

Determining the ideal age for Quran memorization is a matter of contemplation. Generally, it is widely regarded that commencing Quran memorization online when a child reaches the age of 6 is often considered advantageous. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this age is not rigidly fixed, as the Quran and its teachings hold profound significance in our existence. Similarly, our children are an integral part of this spiritual journey. It is our solemn duty to acquaint them with the Quran during their formative years, elucidating its principles in a manner that resonates with their understanding. This ensures they mature with a comprehensive comprehension of Islamic teachings derived from the sacred Quran.

Important Tips For Kids To Memorize Quranic Surahs Easily

Memorizing the Quran presents a formidable challenge for newcomers. However, the rewards bestowed by Allah upon those who undertake this noble endeavor are indeed profound.

Beyond the spiritual rewards, such an accomplishment bestows an elevated status within society, making the effort truly worthwhile.

Here are the comprehensive steps that beginner kids should follow to initiate Quranic memorization:

1.     Eliminate Distractions: Find a serene and distraction-free environment. A tranquil setting fosters mental clarity, aiding in the memorization process.

2.     Choose a Surah: Select a Surah that resonates with you personally. This connection can serve as a powerful motivator, propelling your commitment.

3.     Repeat Ayah by Ayah: Begin by carefully reading and comprehending each ayah. Subsequently, repetitively recite it until every word is firmly etched in your memory. A 20-minute session can be effective.

4.     Utilize Audio Assistance: Employ audio aids for correct pronunciation. Consistent listening enhances memorization, particularly if Arabic is not your native language. Pay close attention to the rhythm and then recite the entire passage aloud.

5.     Start with Single Words: Memorize ayahs word by word. Repeat a single ayah meticulously, reading it from the page at least 5 or 6 times until it is memorized.

6.     Daily Revision: Prioritize daily revision. Avoid moving on to the next ayah until you have thoroughly revised the one you’ve already memorized.

7.     Self-Testing: Periodically evaluate your memorization to ensure accuracy and retention of the Surah.


List Of Surahs For Kids To Memorize: In conclusion, the journey of Quranic memorization is both challenging and rewarding. By adhering to these steps and seeking support through various online resources for kids, beginners can embark on this sacred endeavor with confidence and dedication.

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