The Mysterious Lohe Qurani: What Is It and Why Is It So Important For You?

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“Have you ever thought about what the exact meaning of ‘lohe qurani’ is?”  The word “Loh” literally means “tablet” or “anything that heals,” according to the Quran. The Lohe Qurani is made up of a total of 29 letters that begin each Surah in the Holy Quran. These are Arabic letters that are used at the beginning of Surahs as prefixes. These Arabic words are also referred to as rumooz, which is Arabic for “codes,” because Allah and His prophets are the only ones who are aware of what they mean. Every Muslim must revere the Loh e Qurani and treat it with reverence.

What Is Lohe Qurani |Loh E-Qurani Definition

The Arabic alphabet’s first 29 letters make up the Loh e Qurani. These are the secret phrases that several surahs of the Holy Quran precede with. The actual meanings and importance of the Loh e Qurani, also known as “Muqatta’at” (disjointed or separated letters) in Arabic, are not expressly stated in the Quran.

The Loh-E-Qurani's Interpretations | Meaning Of Lohe Qurani

Lohe qurani meaning lets discover: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), from what we know of him and his sunnah, never defined the meanings of these letters. He does not interpret their meanings in any narrations. In addition, many of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) companions refrained from attempting to understand these Quranic verses.

These are some conflicting accounts of some of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) attempting to explain the meanings. They assert that these letters stand for expressions referring to Allah and His qualities.

We should consider this fact thoughtfully if the Prophet (PBUH) and many of his important companions never tried to interpret these writings. We should accept that we don’t know the exact meanings, according to logical reasoning.


Explanation Of Loh e-Qurani: (In Roman Urdu)

Bohat saray Muslim Scholars nay in abbreviations ko explain kia hai. Neechay diya gaya explanation 100 percent authentic hai aur isko bohat saray renowned Muslim Scholars bhi support kartay hain. In mein Ibne-Taiymiyah, Tafsir of Ibn-Kathir, aur Zamakshari shamil hain:

Jis nay Loh e-Qurani ka matlab samjhaya hai us nay dawa kia hai kay jis tarah insani jism mukhtalif elements say bana hota hai aur aap insani jism mein un natural elements ko dhoondh saktay hain, har cheez ko bananay kay liye elements ki zaroorat hoti hai.

Holy Quran kay saath bhi yehi surat-e-haal hai. Yeh letters Quran kay elements hain. Quran nay un non-believers say baat ki hai jo Holy Quran ki Divinity ko reject kartay thay. Yeh unhein batanay kay liye hai kay Quran unki apni zubaan say bana hai.

Lekin Allah nay Quran mein Arabs ko bhi challenge kia hai kay agar woh apnay aap ko bohat zyada acha samajhtay hain, to phir woh Quran ki Surahs ki tarah aik Surah compose kar kay apni artistry dikhayein;

“Aur agar tumhein shak hai kay hum nay apnay banday ko mukhtalif adwar main  jo kuch reveal kia hai, to us jaisa aik Surah produce kar do; aur apnay gawah ya madadgar (agar koi hain) Allah kay ilawa bulao agar tumharay shak sach hain. Lekin agar tum na kar sako – aur zaroor tum na kar sako gay – to phir us aag say daro jis ka fuel mard aur pathar hain – jo un logon kay liye tayar ki gayi hai jo imaan ka inkar kartay hain.”

Arabs apni poetry aur apni likhayi kay liye mashoor thay. Is liye Allah nay unhein Quran kay elements reveal kiye takay woh uski challenge qubool kar sakein.

Huroof Muqatta’at or Loh-e-Qurani

Loh e Qurani  also called as Huroof Muqatta’at are considered so much powerful. Loh-e-Qurani is the most helpful item for us. Allah Almighty has revealed numerous things in the Quran, some of which are not revealed. The only person who is aware of their significance is the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. No one is aware of the meaning behind those words.

Muslims firmly believe that the Loh e Qurani includes secret significance that provides guidelines for living your life in accordance with Allah Almighty’s will. Muslim homes and vehicles frequently have these lines hung on the walls, demonstrating their fervent belief that they will be safe from danger.


These phrases are frequently said in various supplications to Allah Almighty in order to obtain blessings and advantages.

Full Loh E Qurani |Some Examples From The Quran

Below are the Surahs pre-fixed to these abbreviated (Huroof Muqatta’at)  letters:

It’s worth noting that some of the Surahs use these letters as their prefix However these words are also used in the middle of few Surahs and at the beginning of an Ayah.

Following are the names of the Surahs along with the words occurring in them.     






Alif Laam Meem: At the starts of Surahs al-Baqarah, aal-Imran, al-Ankabut, ar-Rum, Luqman, as-Sajdah



Alif Laam Meem Saad: At the start of Surah al-A’raf



Alif Laam Ra: At the start of Surahs Yunus, Hud, Yusuf, Ibrahim, al-Hijr



Alif Laam Meem Raa: At the start of Surah ar-Ra’d



Kaaf Haa Yaa ‘Ain Saad: At the start of Surah Maryam



Ta Seen Meem: At the start of Surahs ash-Shuara and al-Qasas



Ta Seen: At the start of Surah an-Naml



Yaa Seen: At the start of Surah Yaaseen



Saad: At the start of Surah Saad



Haa Meem: At the start of Surahs Ghaafir, Fussilat, az-Zukhruf, ad-Dukhan, al-Jathiya, and al-Ahqaf




Haa Meem ‘Ain Seen Qaaf: At the start of Surah ash-Shura


Qaaf:  At the start of Surah Qaaf



Noon: At the start of Surah al-Qalam


Qurani Loh The Mystery Inside

These are mysterious letters placed in front of some surahs. In Arabic, huroof muqatta’at refers to a group of cryptic or jumbled letters. At the beginning of numerous surahs in the Quran, Allah has inserted combinations of 1–5 Arabic letters. These letters begin 29 of the 114 chapters of the Quran. In Arabic, the meaning of these words is not immediately apparent, and we are unsure of the exact significance of these letters. Many people believe that these letters, which are also known as Loh-e-Qurani in South Asia and the subcontinent, have a number of advantages.

The Significance Of Loh e Qurani

All Muslims regard them as a source of blessing. Muslims utilize these words in their prayers even if they are unaware of their meaning. These phrases are revered worldwide, and you may find them written on the walls of Muslim homes and vehicles.

You are not required to understand what these sacred words signify. They can be a great help to you and you can use them in your everyday prayers.  Despite the fact that most people are unaware of their significance, they can nonetheless provide you with enormous benefits. They can provide you with countless advantages both in this world of the living and the next.

Benefits Of Lohe Qurani| Powerful Benefits Of Reading Lohe Qurani

Benefit of the Loh-e-Quran: According to Muslim belief, the Loh-e-Quran has a great number of advantages. It is also advised to recite these alphabets every morning by hanging them in your home. Some of the Loh-e-Qurani’s recognized advantages are;

Recite to make jobs easier: If you read the Loh-e-Quran in the morning, your entire day will go as planned. And you won’t have any problems at all if you read this every morning with sincerity.

Reciting the Loh-e-Qurani first thing in the morning before you start your day will help you guard yourself from evil. It steers you away from wrong deeds and serves as a constant reminder of Allah’s grandeur. Additionally, Loh-e-Quran offers defense against black magic.

The Muqatta’at can assist you in your quest for spiritual awareness and advantages. It enables you to feel a strong connection to the creator and comprehend the true purpose of existence.

Success and guidance: Begin each day with the name of Allah to assist you ask the heavens for help and success. The Loh-e-Qurani reader is endowed with knowledge and piety by Allah. 

In short Loh e Qurani has a wide range of benefits for Spiritual Growth, Mental and Physical Health, your Protection from Evil, Success in Life, your Relationships with others and much more.

Benefits of lohe qurani

How To Read Lohe Qurani | Uses of Loh e Qurani

The Ummah has been urged by Prophet Muhammad PBUH to recite huroof muqatta’at  because, if done so with faith, passion, and affection, they can bring about great joy.

You can hang them on the wall to view them constantly and repeat them throughout the day. Another reason for hanging these paintings is so that you can become close to your creator by reciting them intermittently.

These are frequently top sellers and utilized as calligraphies in the majority of Arab nations. For the aforementioned use, you can also see them hanging in the cars.  It can be utilized to cultivate close ties with Allah and request benefits from Him.

Check The Top Lohe Qurani Calligraphy

Lohe Qurani Benefits | 20 Benefits To Your Spiritual Growth

Note: Ye tamam fawaid jo neechay bayan kiyey gayey hain wo mukhtalif scholars aur books kay zaryay hum tak pohnchay hain. In kay faidon say sub log agah hain albata phir bhe hur shakhs ki situation, halaat, belief system ya tareeqa different honay ki waja say ho sakta hay kisi ko bharpor faida milay, kisi ko thora ya kisi ko bazahir lagay kay koe faida nai mila. Sub say behtar hota hay dua ko dil say aur yaqeen say mangain aur koe bhe khas wazifa say pehlay kisi bhe reliable scholar say consult karlain.  

In Huroof ko parh kar aap apna din behtareen bana saktay hain. Aap apna din baqi dinon say zyada pur sukoon payenge.

 Aap apni zindagi mein kamyab ho jayenge. Huroof Muqatta’at aap ko aik aisay rastay say kamyab kar saktay hain jis ka aap nay kabhi tasawwur bhi nahi kia.

Un alfaz ko parh kar aap ka din behtareen ho jayega. Aap kay din ka shandar aaghaz hoga InshaAllah.

Un alfaz ki tilawat aap kay liye kamyabi laye gi aur ap kay kay liye aik rehnuma ban jay gi. Yeh rehnuma aap ko us rastay par laye ga jahan aap kay liye kamyabi intezar kar rahi hai.

Yeh alfaz aap kay zehan aur rooh ko sukoon day saktay hain. Aap kay zehan ka sukoon bara khazana hai. Aap ka rab say talluq mazboot ho jayega.

 Huroof e Muqateaat aap ko rastay mein tamam buraiyon say bacha saktay hain.

Huroof Muqatta’at aap aur aanay walay musibaton kay darmiyan aik barrier bana dengay.

Yeh alfaz aap kay tamam samaji masail ko hal kar saktay hain aur aap kay zehni tanao ko door kar saktay hain. In alfaz ko parh kar aap apni zindagi mein puri tarah mehsoos kar saktay hain kay zindagi qabil-e-qadar hai.

Muqatta’at aap ko un cheezon say mutmaeen honay detay hain jo aap kay paas pehlay say hain aur aap kay roshan mustaqbil kay liye umeed detay hain.

Yeh alfaz bohat saray bimariyon kay liye dawa samjhay jatay hain. Agar aap in alfaz ko baqaida parhtay hain, to bohat saray bimariyan aap ko nuqsan nahi pohanchaengi, aur aap kay jism say infection door ho jaye ga.

Yeh kisi ko zindagi ki mushkilon ka samna karnay mein rehnuma ban’nay ka behtareen zariya hain.

Muqatta’at alfaz Allah Ta’ala aur uskay banday kay darmiyan aik pul ban saktay hain.

Woh kisi bhi shakhs kay Rizq mein izafa ka intehai zariya hain. Rizq ka lafz sirf khana say nahi band hai; iska matlab zehni aur jismani taskeen bhi hai.

Kala jadu kay khilaf tahaffuz kay liye, in alfaz ko rozana parha jana chahiye.

Bohat saray bimariyan in alfaz ko baqaida parh kar theek ho sakti hain.

Bohat saray maali, samaji, aur khandani taluqat in alfaz ko baqaida parh kar theek ho jatay hain. Agar aap masail ko handle nahi kar saktay, to aap ko in alfaz ko baqaida dohrana chahiye.

Yeh alfaz aap kay ghar kay liye kisi bhi qehar kay khilaf tahaffuz ka zariya hain. Agar aap subah aur sham mein inhein parhtay hain, to aap apnay aap ko aur apnay ghar ko mukhtalif afat say bacha saktay hain.

Yeh aap kay zehni sehat ki hifazat kar saktay hain. Aap apnay masail ko pur sukoon zehan say hal kar saktay hain. Yeh amal aap ko apni activities ko achhi tarah say karnay mein madad day ga.

Yeh alfaz aap ki roohani taaqat ko barhaengay aur aap ko shaitan kay saath larai mein madad karengay. Hadiths mein bataya gaya hai kay shaitan aagay, peechhay, oopar, aur neechay say aaega. Woh insaan kay ragoun mein khoon ki tarah daurta hai. Yeh paak alfaz aap ko uskay khilaf larai mein madad karengay.

Lohe Qurani Words parhna asaan hai, aur aap inhein kahin bhi asani say parh saktay hain. Yeh alfaz chhotay hain, lekin bohat zyada faiday detay hain. Agar aap holy Quran say aik lafz parhtay hain, to aap ko 10 sawab milengay, lekin agar aap aik Harf e Muqateaat dohratay hain, maslan Alif Laam Meem, to aap ko 30 sawab milengay.

Loh-e-Qurani Mushkilat Ka Hal?

Loh-e-Qurani mushkilat ka hal ho sakta hai. Loh-e-Qurani kay alfaz ko parh kar aap apni zindagi mein sukoon aur itminan hasil kar saktay hain. Yeh alfaz aap kay zehan aur rooh ko taskeen detay hain aur aap kay Rab say talluq ko mazboot kartay hain. In alfaz ko parh kar aap apni mushkilat ka hal dhoondh saktay hain aur apni zindagi mein kamyabi hasil kar saktay hain.

Lohe Qurani Wazaif

There are so many different wazaif of Lohe Qurani for different problems and purposes. It’s always recommended to consult religious scholar before attempting any.One such popular wazifa is presented for your benefit

Lohe Qurani Wazifa

Reading this two times a day is preferred especially in the morning before going to work and before going to bed. Hopefully by doing so you will get unseen help from God the whole day.  It is said that lohe qurani is so powerful that just by seeing it attentively can benefit you tremendously.

Loh- E- Qurani Pics | Lohe Qurani Images

These sacred words are very significant. You will experience pure happiness if you see them on a daily basis. Every time you open your phone, you may see them on the lock screen. The list below includes a few of these lohe qurani pictures. For More amazing Lohe qurani images check this.

Lohe Qurani Calligraphy | Muslims Love To Buy

In Muslim nations, Huroof e Muqateaat calligraphy is the top seller. These images are frequently seen on Muslim clothing. They are hung so that everyone can see them and remember them at any time. In autos, people frequently use the smaller or tiny versions of loh for barkat and protection. The goal of keeping them in automobiles is the same as having everyone recite them in a home environment.

Below are some Loh Quran calligraphy samples. For more breathtaking Lohe Qurani images check the post Lohe Qurani Calligraphy

There are numerous calligraphy styles to choose from. Here are a few of them.

Lohe Qurani Wall Papers | Lohe Qurani Wall Art

Some scholars believe that the huruf al-muqatta’at are a challenge to the reader, and that they are meant to make us think about the Quran and its meaning. Others believe that they are symbols of God’s power and majesty. Still others believe that they are simply a reminder of the beauty and complexity of the Arabic language.

The true meaning of the Huruf al-muqatta’at is a mystery, but they continue to fascinate and intrigue Muslims around the world.

Lohe Qurani Wall papers are the easiest way to get blessings from huruf al-muqatta’at. Having nice wall papers at your desktop or mobile background can help you often recite lohe qurani words. Receive the wonderful blessings of the holy words from these spiritual wall papers. For more soul touching wall papers of lohe quran you can click here.

Lohe Qurani DP |A Source Of Blesing For All Your Contacts

Having a Loh e Qurani display picture (DP) can offer several benefits. It is believed that carrying a Loh e Qurani with you can offer protection against evil spirits and negative energies. The tablet (loh quran) is considered a powerful talisman that can safeguard its owner from harm. Keeping a Loh e Qurani in your home or workplace is also believed to bring blessings and prosperity. Furthermore the other people also watch your profile pictures so indirectly you are also sending barkah (divine blessings) to all your contacts. Following are some of awesome Dps for your consideration. Check Our page Lohe Qurani DP for full gallery of high quality fresh DPs related to Loh Qurani

Summary / Concluding Remarks

Between Surah Baqarah and Surah Nooh, there are twenty-nine surahs that begin with the code Loh e Qurani. The word Rumooz, which meaning secrets, is another name for these words. Only Allah Almighty and his prophets are aware of the meaning of these statements.

Because of their numerous advantages, the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH has urged Muslims to say these words once a day. He also suggested his companions to read them.

You need not be aware of the meanings of these words in order to reap their benefits when you repeat them. By saying these words often, you can develop a deep bond with Allah Almighty.

These sacred words have the power to separate you from the challenges you will encounter every day. They are able to thwart all potential ills.

Download Surah Yasin Complete  PDF

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FAQs (Loh-E-Qurani)

What is Loh e Qurani?

Loh e Qurani is a term that refers to the 29 letters of the Arabic alphabet that appear at the beginning of some chapters in the Holy Quran. These letters are also known as Huroof Muqatta’at or rumooz, meaning codes, as their meanings are hidden and are only known by Allah and His prophets. The exact purpose behind these letters or why they were revealed is not known, but Islamic scholars have given a number of possible explanations to explain these letters. Some believe that these letters might be used as abbreviations for certain sentences or words, while others believe that they are not mere abbreviations, but the names and symbols of Allah to address Him. Loh e Qurani is also used in Islamic calligraphy and art, with paintings representing any of these 29 letters being widely loved by Muslims across the world.

What are the benefits of studying and reciting Loh e Qurani?

Studying and reciting Loh e Qurani is believed to have numerous benefits. Some of the most significant benefits include protection against evil spirits and negative energies, abundance in rizq, supplication of success for Muslims, and guidance for mankind. Carrying a Loh e Qurani with you or hanging it on your doors and shops is believed to bring these benefits. Reciting these words daily can also bring abundance in rizq and offer protection against negative energies.

Should you hang Loh-e-Qurani calligraphy?

Yes, it is common for Muslims to hang Loh-e-Qurani calligraphy in their homes or businesses. It is believed that hanging Loh-e-Qurani calligraphy can bring numerous benefits, such as protection against ill spirits and negative energies, abundance in wealth and rizq, and guidance for mankind . However, it is important to note that the decision to hang Loh-e-Qurani calligraphy is a personal one and may vary from individual to individual.

Why should Muslims recite Loh e Qurani?

Loh e Qurani is recommended for Muslims to recite because it is thought to have several advantages. Protection from bad spirits and negative energies, abundance in rizq, supplication for Muslims' success, and direction for mankind are some of the most important advantages.These advantages and protection from harmful energies can be attained by reciting these phrases every day.

How many letters are in the Lohe Quran?

There are 29 letters in the Loh e Quran.

What does the word 'Loh' mean?

The word ‘Loh’ can have different meanings depending on the context. In the context of Loh e Qurani, ‘Loh’ is an Arabic word that means ‘tablet’ or ‘board’. It refers to the tablet or board on which the words of Allah were written.

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