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Surah Juma With Urdu Translation Importance: Surah Juma is the 62nd chapter of the Quran and consists of 11 verses. The Surah is called Al Jumu’ah because in this Surah the main topic is about the day “Jumaah” Surah Juma  in Urdu along with Arabic will definitely help you to understand the meaning of this Surah in a better way.  We have provided you with the free PDF of Surah e Juma along with Urdu translation so that you can not only read Sura Juma Urdu Arabic version online, but also can download the PDF of urdu version of Sura al Juma for offline reading.

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Tafseer Surah Juma | Urdu Tafseer Sura E Juma (Tafseer Iben Khateer)

The Tafseer Ibn-e-Kathir is one of the most renowned and accepted explanations of the Quran in the entire world. It is a comprehensive and detailed commentary on the Quran that includes jurisprudential rulings and takes care of the hadiths. The Tafseer is famous for being almost devoid of Israʼiliyyat. It is essential for scholars and seekers of knowledge, but it is not appropriate for ordinary people because they are not qualified to understand it properly. The Tafseer of Ibn Kathir is more appropriate for the ordinary people, and there is much in it from which scholars and seekers of knowledge can benefit.

Urdu Tafseer of Surah Jummah will immensely help you to understand this surah deeply. 

You can view or read this verse by verse surah Juma tafseer or download it as per your convenience. 

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The Free PDF version of Surah e Juma tafseer  is ideal for those who want to frequently read Sura Juma tafsir for memorization or for deep knowledge. Click the green button below to get a downloadable Sura Juma tafsir. 

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Surah Juma Urdu Audio Format | Download Surah Al-Juma in MP3 Format

Find the complete audio recitation of Surah Juma Urdu only translation  For the convenience of readers, a downloadable pdf file of Surah Jummah is also made available. This is an easy to understand simple Urdu translation by renowned scholar Moulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari. The audio file of Surah al Juma can be accessed offline by downloading it onto your device, Embrace the divine teachings encapsulated in Surah Al-Jummah.

Surah Jumah Urdu MP3 

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