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About Surah Naba PDF: It’s important to understand that the benefits of reciting or reading Surah An-Naba are primarily spiritual and intangible, and not strictly tied to having a PDF document. However, having a PDF copy of Al-Naba readily accessible can make it easier to engage with the content of Surah E Naba and reap its potential benefits. Moreover having Surah An-Naba PDF can indeed make it easier to:

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Discover the elegance and advantages of the Surah Naba PDF, accompanied by the option to download the Surah Naba MP3 in the voice of Mishary Al Afasy.

This Surah is Meccan Surah and has 40 verses. The main topics are: Favors of God on men, the last day, the heavens will become gateways, description of hell and paradise.

What’s in Surah An-Naba PDF? (Summary) 

Then verses 1-5 discusses about what they are asking about the big news? Soon they will come to know. 

Verses 6-16 state the favors of God on man such as the earth has been settled like a bed and mountains have been placed as pegs, and creation of human beings in pairs, and sleep for the rest, the day to see the livelihood, and building of 7 strong roofs above you and placement of a hot shining lamp, abundant water from clouds to bring grain and vegetation and Gardens. 

From verses 17-30 , it has been narrated that on the last day heavens will be opened as gateways and hell will be like ambush where wrongdoers will remain for ages, will drink boiling water and hot puss. 

Verses 31-36 have the description of paradise that there will be gardens, drinks, spouses of equal age and no ill speech.

Verses 37-40 say that, on the day of Judgment, spirits and angels will stand in rows, no one will speak without God’s permission. On that day, man will observe what his hands have put forth and disbelievers will wish that they were dust.

Surah Naba read online (Surah Al Naba PDF Arabic)

Download or Read Online Full Surah Al Naba PDF

Remember, the true benefits of Surah Naba PDF come from sincere recitation, contemplation, and applying its teachings to one’s life.

Naba Surat PDF For Download

Here are some of the ways Surah An-Naba can benefit readers, regardless of format:

Spiritual and Emotional Benefits:

  • Deepening connection with Allah: The Surah emphasizes God’s power, mercy, and justice, promoting gratitude, fear, and hope.
  • Reminder of the Day of Judgment: The vivid descriptions of the Hereafter can inspire one to lead a righteous life.
  • Comfort and peace: The verses also offer messages of hope and reassurance, reducing anxieties and worries.
  • Strengthening faith: Engaging with the Quran strengthens belief and understanding of Islamic principles.

Practical and Ethical Benefits:

  • Moral guidance: The Surah encourages good deeds, justice, and avoiding wrongdoings.
  • Motivation for self-reflection: It prompts introspection and encourages correcting one’s shortcomings.
  • Gratitude for blessings: The descriptions of God’s creation foster appreciation for life and His bounties.
  • Patience and perseverance: The Surah reminds us of God’s plan and encourages steadfastness through challenges.

With The Help Of The Above Surah Naba PDF, Unlock the Secrets of the Hereafter

Al-Naba carries a lesson of the Ultimate Truth that:

(Touheed) Allah Almighty is the Only One and He is the Creator of this whole universe.

• (Risalat) It has been clearly defined that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of God.

• (Miracles/ Wonders) As Allah is the sole Creator of the whole universe, the universe is full of wonders and miracles which have been created only for the ease of mankind. The Earth is flat and firm as a carpet. Water, as a lifeline carried by clouds, provides means for the growth of food and drinks. The Sun provides energy and light. There are heavens and skies. Stars serve as lighting lamps. Days are for earning livelihood and nights are for rest. Mountains act as firm stakes to hold the Earth.

• (Kiraman Katibin) All the acts of human beings are being recorded as good or bad deeds by two angels as proofs to be provided on the Day of Judgment.

• (Death) Life here on Earth is temporary and meant to be finished one day.

• (Resurrection) All the human beings on Earth will be ordered to rise again on the Day of Judgment.

• (Jaza/saza) The Court of the Almighty will be held, and human beings will be clearly divided into two groups: those who believed and those who did not believe. They will be dealt with on the basis of their deeds and beliefs in their previous life.

• (Paradise/hell) All human beings with good deeds will enjoy eternal life with immense pleasure in paradise, enjoying the blessings of Allah. Those with bad deeds and disbelief will suffer an everlasting, terrible, and horrible lamenting life in hell.


Surah Al Naba Mp3 Download | Surah An Naba Mishary Al Afasy

Just like Surah Naba Full Pdf , this Al Naba Mp3 Download is also free to download, Surah An Naba Mishary Al Afasy recitation helps you to listen and understand Surah Naba Arabic with ease. You can also get soothing vibes by listening to this surah al Naba audio.  Moreover this audio MP3 is in the voice of  Sheikh Mishary Rashid . Alafasy’s recitation of the Qur’an is celebrated for its unique and melodious tone that profoundly touches the hearts of listeners. His precise articulation and emotional depth in recitation elevate the experience to a spiritual level for the audience. For more recitations of Surah Naba in the voices of other reciters, kindly explore other posts on our website.

Consequences For Believers and Disbelievers In Surah Al-Naba

This Surah contains the message of the Day of Resurrection and advocates for the miracles happening in this universe. It presents the real and undoubted facts of the universe clearly and concisely. It emphasizes and warns about the ultimate truth of the Day of Resurrection. Then, it mentions certain consequences for those who believe in this day of Ultimate truth and those who do not.

Benefits/Gifts to the Believers: 

• They will be in the full mercy of Allah Almighty, owing to the fact that they spent their lives according to the core of Islam.

• They will enjoy “wine of Paradise” (heavenly nectar). It’s  a gifted drink that is super pleasant and non-intoxicating drink. 

• They will be in the company of their beloved ones forever.

• They will never hear any vulgar talk or bad things in Heaven.

• They will enjoy an everlasting life of peace and blessing.

• They will live in ornamented and jeweled large homes.

Punishments for Non-Believers: 

• They will be deprived of the mercy of Allah Almighty.

• They will suffer in everlasting and ever-increasing pain and harm.

• They will be sent to Hell for not believing in the Day of Judgment.

• They will not be able to sip the wine of Paradise, the gifted drink.

• They will suffer heavy trouble and will be burnt in the depth of high flames of Hell due to their ignorance and disbelief.

Wazaif Sura Naba

Quranic Surahs are widely recognized for their healing power, or ‘shifa’. In particular, we have provided two potent wazifas  from Surah Naba. To perform these wazifas, you have the option to download Surah Naba directly from this website. Alternatively, if you prefer a physical copy, you can obtain a printed version.

Suran Naba Wazifa For All Problems

Begin with the recitation of Darood Shareef 1 time.

Then, recite the full Surah Naba 7 times.

End with the recitation of Darood Shareef 1 time again.

Please remember to have a clean body and place while performing this Wazifa. Also, perform it with full faith and concentration.

Surah Naba Wazifa For Vision

The specific Wazifa of Surah Naba is believed to improve eyesight and resolve issues related to blurry vision. Below are the details on how to perform this wazifa. 

Make ablution and perform the Asr prayer.

Recite Surah Naba three times.

Recite Durood-e-Ebrahimi at the start and the end of the Surah.

Make dua with full concentration and devotion.

Blow on your fingers and rub them on your eyes.

Insha Allah your eyes will get better soon.

However, it’s important to note that the benefits of reciting Surah e Naba extend beyond physical well-being. It can also lead to a profound spiritual experience by establishing a stronger connection with Allah, instilling a sense of inner peace and tranquility in the heart, and reminding believers of the grandeur of the Creator and His total control over the universe.

Precaution while starting any wazifa

As always, it’s recommended to consult with a knowledgeable religious scholar or imam for guidance on religious matters. They can provide you with the most accurate and appropriate advice based on Islamic teachings and your personal circumstances.

Surah Naba In Which Para

Surah Naba is in the 30th para of the holy Quran. 

Surah Al-Naba FAQ

What does the title of surah Al Naba refers to?

The title of Surah al Naba is derived from second verse of this surah from the word an naba which means ‘the news’ or ‘the tidings’. Title of the surah Al naba carries the whole theme of this surah i.e. resurrection, reckoning, day of Judgment, jaza and saza.

Which surah in holy Quran carries the news of resurrection or tiding as its main concepts?

Surah Al naba carries the concept of resurrection or tiding as its main concepts.

What did Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say about Surah Al naba?

A tradition from the Prophet (S) says: “He who studies it (Surah Nabaa) and learns it by heart, on the Day of Judgment, his reckoning will be concluded (so quickly) equal to the same length of time it takes to say a single prayer.

Conclusion: Keeping in view the context, historical aspects and context of surah Al Nabah we can easily conclude that the 78th Surah of Qur’an, Al Nabah consisting of 40 ayahs positioned at the start of para 30 covers a wide variety of topics such as Touheed, Risalat, Kainat, Miracles and Wonders of universe, blessing of Allah Almighty on mankind, day of judgment, resurrection, rewards and punishment

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