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Surah Nooh PDF: You can download the Surah Nooh PDF online from this website. Surah Nooh is the 71st Surah in Quran Kareem with 28 ayat and is placed in para 29. The English meaning of this Surah is “Prophet Noah”.You can also recite the Surah Nooh online by downloading and saving the file to your device.

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Surah Nooh Content And Surah Nooh Benefits

Surah Nooh is the 71st Surah in the Quran and is named after Prophet Noah (Nuh) whose story is narrated in the Surah. The Surah serves as a reminder of the consequences of disbelief, the importance of remaining steadfast in faith, and the power of prayer.

 The Surah also holds immense significance for increasing one’s faith.

In terms of content, Surah ENooh discusses Prophet Noah’s constant invitation towards monotheism, his method, and the way he encountered his stubborn people who did not accept to believe. Other issues related to the story of Prophet Noah (a) are also mentioned in this Surah, including the quotation of counsels of Prophet Noah (a), emphasis on God-wariness and obedience of God and His Prophet (s).

Surah Nooh Benefits


The Surah referred to as “Nuh” derives its name from the historical account of the Prophet Nuh (A.S). This particular Surah serves as a compelling narrative illustrating the lifelong struggle of the Prophet Nuh against disbelievers who met their tragic demise due to their rejection of God’s divine message and His chosen messenger, Nuh. In the following discourse, we shall delve into the manifold benefits of Surah Nuh, shedding light on its profound significance and applicability in various facets of life.

Surah E Nooh for Abundance

The recitation of this Surah Nooh can significantly enhance one’s prospects for business expansion, increased revenue, and overall wealth accumulation. It is particularly effective in stimulating financial activities. Individuals aspiring to experience the benefits of this Surah are advised to diligently recite it eleven times daily for a duration of eleven consecutive days within the confines of their business establishment.

Consistent recitation of this Surah holds the potential to foster substantial growth in one’s business endeavors while serving as a safeguard against adversities and financial losses. Additionally, prominently displaying a printed copy of this Surah within your business premises is believed to facilitate company expansion and streamline commercial transactions, making them more efficient. The Surah Nooh PDF available on this website is printable you can download Surah e nooh print easily.

Surah Nuh To Safeguard From  Enemies

The recitation of this Surah has the potential to nurture and strengthen the faith of all who engage with it. Furthermore, this Surah’s divine blessings are believed to act as a protective shield against adversaries who may seek to hinder one’s progress. In situations where baseless taunts and a desire to diminish one’s reputation persist, a prescribed practice involves reciting this Surah a total of 111 times over the course of 11 days, invoking the divine will, inshallah. By following this ritual, it is believed that one can attain freedom from their adversary, and the persecutions initiated by the opponent will cease.

Surah Nooh To Get Married

In Surah Nuh, specifically in verses 10 to 12, it is emphasized that Istighfar, seeking forgiveness from Allah, holds a profound significance. This act of seeking forgiveness is considered a hidden key to attaining not only virtuous offspring but also prosperity, bountiful harvests, and the divine forgiveness of Allah. Experts in matters of faith and spirituality assert that Istighfar is intrinsically linked to one’s sustenance, and a pivotal aspect of sustenance is the institution of marriage. Consequently, those individuals who are on the path to matrimony are encouraged to maintain a continuous practice of Istighfar, recognizing its potential to bring about these beneficial outcomes in their lives.

Surah Nooh Ayats 10-11 Benefits

Due to the profound impact of verses 10-11 from Surah Nuh, Hazrat Umar once ventured outdoors during a period of severe famine. His intention was to beseech Allah solely for His forgiveness, a gesture that left those around him puzzled. They remarked, “Commandant of the Faithful, we have not heard you pray for rain.”

In response, Hazrat Umar conveyed, “I have sought access to the heavenly gates from which rain descends,” and he recited the verses from Surah Nuh to elucidate his intent.

Surah Nuh Verse 12 Benefits

The benefits derived from Ayat 12 of Surah Nuh are of profound significance. They encompass five remarkable material blessings, including abundant provisions, flowing rivers, flourishing gardens, and the invaluable gift of forgiveness. Additionally, this verse provides the assurance of wealth in the hereafter and absolution from disbelief. It stands as one of the most invigorating and inspirational passages within the realm of Islam.

Great Rewards

There are several notable rewards associated with reciting Surah Nuh, each carrying significant merit:


  1. A reward commensurate with the number of individuals who place their trust in Prophet Nuh is promised to those who recite Surah Nuh.


  1. Immediate divine response to prayers is often experienced by those who engage in the recitation of this Surah.


  1. It is believed that those who frequently recite Surah Nuh will not meet their end until they gain a clear understanding of their place in Paradise.

In conclusion, Prophet Nuh’s mission was to guide people back to the path of Allah, proclaiming himself as a messenger chosen by Allah to convey His divine guidance. However, not all accepted his message, and they faced consequences as a result. Therefore, reciting Surah Nooh serves as a means to draw lessons from his story and reap the associated benefits it offers.

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