Surah Quraish PDF: Reflections on Surah Quraish: A Spiritual Exploration

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“Prior to delving into the PDF of Surah Al-Quraish, it is essential to acquaint ourselves with key details of Surah Al-Quraish.”

Surah Al-Quraish, the 106th Surah of the Quran, holds a special place in Islamic scripture for its profound significance and timeless wisdom. Comprising just four verses, this surah encapsulates a powerful message that transcends time and resonates with believers. The surah is named after the Quraish tribe, the custodians of the Kaaba in Mecca, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and acknowledging divine providence. It serves as a reminder of Allah’s blessings and protection bestowed upon the Quraish, urging believers to reflect on their own lives and express gratitude for the favors they receive. The succinct yet impactful verses of Surah Al-Quraish encapsulate the broader themes of thankfulness, sustenance, and the interconnectedness of humanity with the divine. As we explore the depths of this chapter, its timeless lessons continue to inspire and guide those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

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"Surah Al-Quraysh: A Tapestry of Blessings for the Guardians of the Kaaba! Let’s Discover Verse by Verse."

1.“For stabilizing and unifying the Quraish,”
2. “(We maintain for them) their trading caravans by winter and summer,”
3. “So let them worship the Lord of this House (Ka’ba),”
4. “Who fed them against hunger and secured them from fear.”

 Verse 1

Surah Quraish is in 106 chapter and Surah Fil is the 105th chapter. In the preceding Surah (Fil), the narrative of the annihilation of the elephant’s owners and Abrahah’s forces, who arrived in Mecca with the intention of demolishing the Ka’ba and eradicating that Holy House, was presented. The first verse of this Surah, which is essentially an extension of it, continues the thought that

‘The companions of the elephant were obliterated and reduced to consumed straw’

This occurred prior to the emergence of the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him).

“For stabilizing and unifying the Quraish,” (For the consolidation and unity of the Quraish) The term /ilaf/ is a base form signifying ‘to unite’, and /ulfat/ denotes ‘a gathering characterized by closeness and unity’.

Some interpretations of /ilaf/, derived from a different root, suggest it means ‘agreement, pact’, which doesn’t align with the Surah’s context. Thus, its usage here refers to the camaraderie and unity among the Quraish tribe. Along with all Mecca residents, they had established their settlement there due to the reverence, significance, and safety of the Holy Ka’ba.

This sacred site attracted numerous individuals from Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula for annual pilgrimages, facilitating commercial and literary exchanges.

All these benefits were reaped under the unique security provided.

Had the army of Abrahah, or similar forces, managed to disrupt this security or succeeded in demolishing the Ka’ba, the region would have remained unknown to others.

Verse 2

“(We maintain for them) their trading caravans by winter and summer,” (We sustain for them) their trading convoys in winter and summer) The unity and familiarity among the Quraish could be attributed to their affection for their holy land. The political and economic significance of the Holy Shrine (Ka’ba) for the Quraish, coupled with the security from invasions by hostile tribes in the Arabian Peninsula, enabled them to control the trade routes from North to South and vice versa.

During the summer, they would journey to Syria, a region with a temperate climate, and in winter, they would venture to Yemen to enjoy its warm weather, all for trade purposes. It was by Allah’s Grace that their travels were safe and undisturbed. Without His protection, the routes were fraught with danger, and any traveler risked being robbed, facing death and destruction, or suffering significant losses. Despite their fondness for these regions, they chose not to abandon Mecca and settle elsewhere.

The Quraish’s standing, in relation to their services to the Holy Ka’ba, earned them security and respect from the people, all by Allah’s Will. He intended to protect them, through His Grace, in anticipation of the advent of Islam and the emergence of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) from that tribe and that sacred land.

However, the Quraish tribe, whose protection, safety, and honor were attributed to the Holy Ka’ba’s presence in their city and their role as its guardians, eventually became Islam’s primary adversaries.

Initially, their opposition to Islam’s advent was primarily driven by the fear of losing their political and economic dominance. Later, the Ommayyid and Abbaside Kalifs, who were from the Quraish tribe, committed various forms of vices for worldly motives. These acts were so appalling that they will forever be etched in history, despite all their possessions and status being derived from Islam; the command of Allah.


Verse 3 and 4

“So let them worship the Lord of this House (Ka’ba),”
 “Who fed them against hunger and secured them from fear.”

(Thus, they should worship the Lord of this House (Ka’ba)”. “He who provided them with food against hunger and ensured their safety from fear) Given the immense blessings bestowed upon the Quresh, including security in trade for profit-making and honor in life, they ought to have worshipped the Lord of the Ka’ba gratefully. Despite their land being a barren desert and thus unproductive, He provides them with a variety of good food and other life necessities, brought right to their doorstep through commerce and pilgrimage. Moreover, Allah shielded them from their most formidable adversary, Abrahah.

This served as a stark admonition to the Quraysh, who, at the onset of the holy Prophet (S)’s ministry, were the staunchest enemies of Allah’s apostle and the message of the Lord’s Unity that he propagated. It also served as a warning, drawing their attention to Allah’s Mighty power, which could likewise annihilate and humiliate them, just as He did with their formidable enemy, Abrahah.


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Just like Surah Quraish PDF download, this audio version of Quraish surah is also free to download, Surah Quraish MP3 will help you to listen and understand Surah Quraish with ease. You can also get soothing vibes by listening to this surah al Quraish MP3.  Moreover this audio is in the voice of  Sheikh Mishary Rashid . Alafasy’s voice is known for its unique, melodious tone that deeply resonates with listeners. His recitation of the Qur’an is highly regarded for its emotional depth and precise articulation, making it a spiritual experience for the audience. 

Surah Quraish PDF: Use printed version of Alquraish pdf to perform Surah Quraish Wazifa

It’s better you memorize Surah Quraish, but if it’s not possible for any reason then you can get the print out of Surah Quraish from the above surah quraish pdf  and read surah quraish  400 times to safeguard from enemies.

The Wazifa of Surah Quraish involves performing the Isha prayer, followed by reciting Durood Pak 10 times at the beginning and end. In between, perform two Nafil prayers as a gift (hadya) to Muhammad (PBUH) in such a way that in both Nafils, recite Surah Ikhlas 14 times after Alhamd Sharif. After performing the Nafil, recite Surah Quraish 400 times and continue this practice for 8 days. After 8 days, feed at least one poor person. By the will of Allah, the spiritual grace of Surah Quraish will be bestowed upon you. After the spiritual grace of Surah Quraish is bestowed, all your enemies and opponents will automatically come on the right path.

If any brother or sister cannot perform the Wazifa of Surah Quraish, they should definitely keep the Arabic 3D inscription (Naqsh) of Surah Quraish in a clean place in their house. By the will of Allah, the blessings you will receive from the Wazifa of Surah Quraish will also be received from the Arabic naqsh( inscription)  of Surah Quraish. However, the condition is that you have to keep this inscription in such a clean place in your house where everyone’s eyes fall on this inscription.

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