Surah Yaseen PDF In English

The Importance of Surah Yaseen PDF In English


Surah Yaseen is a chapter in the Quran that emphasizes the authority of God and the existence of the resurrection. It explains some of the basic beliefs of Islam, specifically the belief in life after death. The surah warns of the fate of those who mock God’s revelations and are stubborn, and tells of the punishments that plagued past generations of nonbelievers as a warning to present and future generations.

Having a translation of Surah Yaseen in English can help non-Arabic speakers understand its message and benefit from its teachings. It can help them gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the meaning of the Surah.

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First Word Of Surah Yasin

The name ‘Yaseen’ comes from the first word of the Surah. It is made of two Arabic letters; ‘Ya’ and ‘seen’. These letters are called ‘Huroof muqatta’at. One interpretation is that ‘Yaseen’ challenges people to create a verse like the Quran. Surah Yaseen is a popular Surah in the Quran. It was revealed between Surah Al-Jinn and Surah Al-Furqan. It has eighty-three verses. It starts with an oath that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a true messenger from Allah (SWT). It talks about Tawheed, Revelation, and the day of resurrection.

What Is The Reason For Allah Revealing Surah Yaseen?

Allah revealed Surah Yaseen on different occasions to teach Islam and support Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Once, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited Surah Al-Sajda in Makkah. Meccan disbelievers wanted to harm him to stop him. Allah punished them by making their hands around their necks and making them blind. The verses were revealed to describe that incident. Abu Jahl or some people from Bani Makhzoum tribe wanted to hurt or kill Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah made their eyes blind to him so they heard his voice but couldn’t see him. A polytheist smashed a bone and asked if Allah could make it alive. Allah responded in these verses.

At What Time And Location Was Surah Yaseen Revealed?

Surah Yaseen was revealed in Makkah before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) moved to Madina. It is thought to have been revealed around the time of Israa’ and Mi’raaj.

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Surah Yaseen Brief Explanation In English

Muhammad (PBUH) As Prophit And His Role

Surah Yaseen begins with God swearing that Muhammad (PBUH) is his messenger. The Surah also mentions that one’s actions will determine their reward or punishment in the afterlife. The role of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in delivering Allah’s message is clearly defined in the Surah, as well as who will benefit from it and who will not.

Allah  assures protection for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) against those who intend to cause him harm.

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Tyrant Village Story

Allah (SWT) told the story of a village with a cruel leader. The village rejected three messengers sent by Allah and wanted to kill them. A good man from far away came to the village. He asked the people to follow the prophets. But the people did not listen. Allah (SWT) punished them with a powerful blast. They all died.

Existence Of The Proof Of God

Allah talks about the things he created. He made them very carefully. He mentions the Earth, plants, rivers, wells, and fruits. He also talks about the day, night, sun, and moon. All these things show how powerful and great Allah is.

Explanation Of The Day Of Judgement

Allah talks about the day of judgment. Everyone will wake up from death when they hear a loud shout. Believers will be happy and enjoy good things in Paradise. But disbelievers will be in a bad place called Hell.

Hidden Messages In Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen has important lessons that we should learn and follow. We will talk about some of these lessons next.

Always Be Ready to Invite Others to Follow Allah

In Surah Yaseen, Allah tells the story of a man who came from far away. He told people to follow the prophets. Allah gave this man a big reward and let him go to Paradise. Muslims should always tell others to do good things and not do bad things. Allah said that Muslims are the best people because they do this. He said in the Quran: “You are the best people because you tell others to do good, not do bad, and believe in Allah” (Quran 3:110).

Who Will Benefit From The Quran

At the start of Surah Yaseen, Allah tells Prophet Muhammad to share his message. But only some people will benefit from the Quran. These people have two qualities. They follow what is true and they respect Allah. People who are too proud and ignore the message will not be guided by Allah.

How People Can Elevate Faith

Allah (SWT) talks about how carefully he made everything. He wants us to think about it and believe in him. Muslims should always think about what Allah made. They should see how powerful and kind he is. The Quran says that Muslims remember Allah all the time. They think about the sky and the earth. They say: “Our Lord! You made everything for a reason” (Quran 3:191).

Prophets And Messengers Suffered A Lot.

Prophets and messengers were hurt a lot even though they were important. This teaches Muslims to be patient for Allah. People who tell the truth will always be hurt in some way. Allah said in the Quran: “Messengers before you were not believed. But they were patient when people hurt them. Then Allah helped them” (Quran 6:34).

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Advantages Of Surah Yaseen In Different Areas Of Life

Surah Al Yasin has numerous benefits and some benefits are listed below.

1-When You Read Surah Yaseen

The whole Quran is good and gives rewards. Prophet Muhammad said: “If you read one letter from the Quran, you will get a reward. And one good thing is worth ten times more” (Mishkat al-Masabih 2137).

2-When You Listen To Surah Yaseen

Listening to Surah Yaseen is good. It helps you understand the words and what they mean. It also makes it easier to remember the words and say them right. Prophet Muhammad liked to hear the Quran from other people. Even though the Quran was sent to him, he said: “I like to hear the Quran from someone else” (Mishkat al-Masabih 2195).

3-Surah Yaseen After Fajr

Reading the Quran at fajr is special and makes you feel good. It also gives you a big reward. But there is no special reward for reading Surah Yaseen at fajr.But still it’s recommended to recite Surah Yasin early in the morning as angels listen to the Quran Recitation at Fajr Time.

4-Reading Surah Yaseen to seek refuge

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) read a verse  from the Quran. He did this when he was near people who wanted to kill him. Allah made these people blind so they could not see. 

5-Surah Yaseen For Marriage

Some people say that Surah Yaseen can help make a marriage good. But there is no real proof from the Quran or Sunnah that this is true.

6-Surah Yaseen During Pregnancy

Surah Yaseen does not have any special help for pregnant women. But reading the Quran a lot during pregnancy can be good. It can help the baby learn about the Quran. It can also make pregnancy easier by Allah’s kindness. But we should not say that Surah Yaseen does this unless there is real proof from a verse or hadith.

7-Surah Yaseen Can Help With Forgiving Sins

Reading the Quran is a very good thing to do. It can take away sins. Allah said in the Quran: “Good things take away bad things” (Quran 11:114). But we should not say that only Surah Yaseen does this. There is no proof from the Quran that this is true.

8-Surah Yaseen For Easiness of Death

There is no real proof from a hadith or verse that Surah Yaseen can make dying easier. But reading the Quran can help. The Quran will be with you in the grave and help you in the afterlife.

People Also Ask

Why Is Surah Yaseen Known AsThe Heart of The Quran?

Surah Yaseen is known as the heart of the Quran because it is deep and core. But this is based on a weak hadith attributed to Prophet Muhammad. So it may not be accurate to call it the heart of the Quran.

WhatsThe Easy Way To Memorize Surah Yaseen?

Here are some tips to make memorizing Surah Yaseen easier:
 Listen to the Surah often on your MP3 or phone.
 Learn the Tafsir of the Surah from a simple book.
 Divide the Surah into parts based on verse relevance.
 Make a daily plan to memorize the Surah.
 Repeat verses at least 10 times before saying them alone.
 Have a friend test you on the Surah.
 Join an authentic Quran course online or offline.

Is It Allowed To Read Surah Yaseen On Phone Without Wudu?

Yes, you can read Surah Yaseen or any Surah on your phone without wudu. But it’s better and more rewarding to recite the Quran while on Wudu’.

Is It Better To Recite Surah Yaseen Daily?

Of Course you can read Surah Yaseen daily like any other Surah. There is no special benefit to reciting it daily. But repeating the Quran often is rewarding and beneficial.

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